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Monday, April 05, 2004

Saturday Girls' Out Dessert: Banana Split

Premium Swiss Ice-CreamDuring our little 'unplanned' girly outing last Saturday, we shared a banana split from at Chocz. Yes, yes I realize now I have more than a few post flaunting this joint but I will not stop just yet, heh...

The waitress actually asked if I would like my 'regular' that day. Someone mentioned they better start paying us bloggers advertising fees. Hmmm...

Back to the banana split now.

It is the usual deal of fresh banana slices with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice-cream topped with cream, roasted nuts and warm chocolate sauce. The ice-cream used by Chocz. is by Mövenpick and I attest that it is of good quality. The taste of each flavour is rich and satisfying.

The chocolate sauce comes in a tiny cup so you can adjust the amount accordingly. I usually do not waste a single drop. The roasted nuts are not chopped but just halved so there is a lot of chunkiness in each mouthful.

For those who cannot wait to devour this, drop by at the place or make your own. Fische is right, we are blogging so much about food it is probably time to set up a shared blog or "flog" as some may coin it.

Addendum: Chocz. also serves Mövenpick ice-creams by the scoop in a tall martini glass. Available flavours are vanilla (with actual traces of black crushed vanilla beans!), chocolate, strawberry, maple walnut and macadamia dulce. These are not for the faint-hearted, one can skip a meal by having just two scoops.