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Saturday, March 05, 2005

PY does a Kudo

When someone talks about makan, how can PY not join in? When someone goes on and on about his favorite foods, PY is powerless and starts to see images of her most loved edibles in her screwed head.

Here now is her list.

1. main entrée: chicken chop
2. salad: fruit, potato
3. soup: clear ABC with chicken bits
4. appetizer: deep fried calamari with Thai chilli sauce
5. dessert: chocolate souffle
6. fruit: persimmon
7. vegetable: cabbage, kailan (Chinese kale)
8. sashimi: beef, yellowtail
9. sushi roll: maki
10. soda beverage: 100 Plus
11. non–alcoholic beverage: Neslo ais
12. alcoholic shot: don’t drink anymore
13. alcoholic drink: refer to no. 12
14. cake: pandan chiffon, chocolate devil, the humble plain butter pound cake
15. pie: blackcurrant, lemon custard
16. ice cream: cookies and cream (Häagen–Dazs), vanilla (Mövenpick)
17. milkshake: chocolate mocha
18. cut of beef: ribs
19. cuisine: Malaysian!
20. part of chicken: drumstick
21. fried food: Cantonese fried kuey teow with beef, Hokkien mee
22. cookie: double dark chocolate chip with pecan (Famous Amos)
23. Indian curry: ground masala sambar
24. gum: Chlorets
25. candy: homemade coconut candy
26. crêpe: caramelized apples
27. sandwich: meat loaf sandwich
28. pizza: beef pepperoni with mushroom and extra cheese
29. Mexican dish: beef fajita
30. Vietnamese dish: Vietnamese beef noodles
31. Korean dish: Korean barbeque and steamboat combo
32. Chinese dish: kung pao chicken
33. Filipino dish: never tried
34. Southern food: shrimp rémouladem, creole beef grillades
35. instant noodle brand: Mamee duck noddles
36. juice: soursop, mango, apple with lime
37. snacks: Kettle chips, Cheesels
38. fish: salmon, trout
39. cereal: blackcurrant and oatmeal (Post)
40. Pho: pho bo
41. breakfast: roti bakar with half–boiled eggs washed down with hot Milo
42. French dish: scallops à la basquaise
43. McDonald’ food: spicy fried chicken, Oreos twister, vanilla ice cream, fries
44. pasta dish: spicy seafood vermicelli (dry and tossed), spaghetti puttenesca
45. bread: ciabatta, buttered croissant
46. tea: English Breakfast, peppermint, chrysanthemum (Chinese)
47. 7–11 slurpies: the green colored one
48. Hershey’s Kisses: Rich Dark
49. flavor of M&Ms: original (especially the yellow colored ones)
50. candy bar: Snickers original
Now PY is hungry starving, so please excuse her while she hunts for breakfast.

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